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quTools quED Entanglement Demonstrator

quTools' quED quantum entanglement demonstrator system
Image Credit: quTools

quTools of München, Germany is the maker of the quED quantum entangled state demonstrator system to generate and analyze polarization entangled photons.  This system is a professionally-manufactured version of the type of entangled-photon generator used by many universities, and similar to the diy version described in Chapter 8 of our book (Figure 148).

quED employs a spontaneous parametric down conversion process (type I or type II; collinear or non-collinear) to generate polarization entangled photon pairs. Fiber-coupled single photon detectors in connection with polarizing filters are used to detect the photon pairs, analyze their polarizations and verify their non-classical correlations.

quED is a turn-key system that can be operated without any expertise or previous training. The basic quED configuration is suited for experimental demonstrations of entanglement in student lab.  quTools also offers the system in an advanced configuration with higher performance specifications for scientific or commercial applications.

quTools also offers other instruments for performing research in the field of quantum information.

Company website:  www.qutools.com

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