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Perkin Elmer C30902E SPADs on eBay for $91 (Unrelated to Authors)

Perkin Elmer Excelitas single photon avalanche photodiodes on eBay  www.diyPhysics.comSomeone (I don’t know the seller) is selling brand new Perkin Elmer C30902E Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes on eBay.  Auction number:  200747161278.

These are NOT chilled by a thermoelectric cooler, so their internal noise may be too large for experiments with entangled photons unless you rig some sort of external Peltier element to keep them chilled.  However, if you are developing a SPCM, using $91 SPADs during debugging is a lot better than frying $1,000 TE-cooled SPADs.

According to the auction, these are new parts, and the seller has more than 10 available.  The auction also shows that each EG&G/Perkin Elmer C30902E APD comes with an individual test measurement results.

Click here for the part’s specification sheet.



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  1. Rich


    The E series of these APD’s is only suitable for linear mode operation ( Voperation < Vbreakdown) and not photon counting.

    I almost brought some of these (they are still on ebay) until reading the datasheet fully.

    Only the C30902S series is capable of photon counting.