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New, Complete Version of DOLPi Whitepaper Available

DOLPi polarimetric cameras by David Prutchi

A new, complete version of the whitepaper on DOLPi is available for download here:  DOLPi_Polarimetric_Camera_D_Prutchi_2015_v2

This paper presents the development and construction of two low-cost polarimetric cameras based on the Raspberry Pi 2.  “DOLPi-MECH” is a filter-wheel-type camera capable of performing full Stokes analysis, while the electro-optic based “DOLPi” camera performs full linear polarimetric analysis at higher frame rate.  Complete Python code for polarimetric imaging is presented.  Various applications for the cameras are described, especially its use for locating mines and unexploded ordinance in humanitarian demining operations.

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