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DOLPi Visor Replication by Andrew Gliesman

DOLPi Visor replication by Andrew GliesmanAndrew Gliesman sent me these pictures of his DOLPi Visor replication along with a very kind note.

…I wanted to thank you for your excellent paper on the DOLPi Polarimetric Camera.  The amount of technical detail combined with providing a solution of a real world humanitarian problem made it special to me.

I recently built a DOLPi Visor and wanted to share my alternative form-factor with you (see photos.)  With respect to the build notes, everything was spot on – I just found that I needed to clean the adhesive residue after removing a polarizer film on the LCP (perhaps this had to do with the brand – I couldn’t find the MASK brand on Amazon.)…

The point about the adhesive is interesting.  Indeed, the adhesive remains transparent after removing the polarizer film, but becomes cloudy if scratched.  I found that the best way to remove it is to loosen it with a drop of “Goof-Off” and then scraping it with a sharp razor blade.

Thanks Andrew!

DOLPi Visor replication by Andrew Gliesman


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