Experimental Modern and Quantum Physics for Do-It-Yourself Science Enthusiasts 

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Book Errata

Book Errata for “Exploring Quantum Physics Through Hands-On Projects”

As part of writing the Instructor’s Guide, we re-assembled all of the setups that we originally used to develop the textbook. We followed our own instructions and made corrections to the book that were introduced by Wiley before the final proofs were printed. It is thus our hope that the book will be relatively bug-free. Please contact us if you find any mistakes in either the book or the Instructor’s Guide.

Page 46, Question 7:  The following should be deleted:  “Just as in the prior experiment,”

Page 105, Question 18: The suggested distance range between the radioactive source and the GM tube’s window should read 1 to 30 cm, and not 1 to 3 cm.