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Redistributed Freeware Mentioned in “Exploring Quantum Physics Through Hands-On Projects”


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  For your convenience, this page mirrors some of the programs listed in the book as freeware that can be downloaded from the web. These programs are included here free of charge with the understanding that “freeware” refers to software that can be downloaded without having to pay money for them. These files may be further distributed freely, without paying anything in the way of royalties or distribution fees as long as they are not modified prior to distribution.

Please note that this also applies to you. If you intend to further distribute the files listed as freeware, you must make sure that you hand them out in their original form. You must also distribute things that come in multiple parts as a complete set (for example, many of the computer programs have extra files; you must distribute them all together, the way you retrieved them from this site). The reason is quite simple: the hard work that went into these products should be distributed the way its author intended, not the way someone else thinks it should be.

The authors of the book do not make any representations as to the completeness or the accuracy of the SOFTWARE, and disclaim any liability for damages or injuries, whether caused by or arising from the lack of completeness, inaccuracies of the SOFTWARE, misinterpretations of the directions, misapplication of the SOFTWARE or otherwise.

References to other manufacturers’ products made in this SOFTWARE do not constitute an endorsement of these products, but are included for the purpose of illustration and clarification.

Since some of the SOFTWARE may relate to or be covered by U.S. or other patents, the authors disclaim any liability for the infringement of such patents by the making, using, or selling of such equipment or SOFTWARE, and suggest that anyone interested in such projects seek proper legal counsel.

DOWNLOADS (Virus and Malware-Free):

Single photon image integrator for Matlab by David Prutchi


ToneBurst v1.4.0 by David Taylor:



Spectrum Lab by Wolfgang Buescher:


VisualSpec software by Valérie Desnoux:



PRA – Pulse Recorder and Analyser by Marek Dolleiser:





Mark Beck’s Quantum Mechanics simulation software:



Vision for Matlab by Farzad Pezeshkpour:


VCAPG2 by Kazuyuki Kobayashi: