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Home Instrumentation CDV700 Pro Geiger-Müller Counter Testing Electronic Goldmine’s “Giant Super Sensitive Geiger Muller Tube MC6”

Testing Electronic Goldmine’s “Giant Super Sensitive Geiger Muller Tube MC6”

Russian-made MC6 Geiger Muller Tube evaluated by David Prutchi PhD www.diyPhysics.com

I purchased two “Giant Super Sensitive MC6” GM tubes from Electronic Goldmine (Item Number : G18717, Unit Price: $89.95).  These are Russian-made new-old-stock model MC6.  They are 10.25″ long x 0.9″ diameter.  I compared the sensitivity of these tubes to the other GM tubes that I use with my CDV700 Pro Geiger Counter.

GM tubes compared with russian-made MC6 GM tubes.  www.diyPhysics.com

For the experiment, I used a LENi CDV700, my d.i.y. counter/scaler, a Cs-137 exempt disc source, a Co-60 exempt disc source, a PM1703M radiation counter, a Geo210 pancake GM probe, a Geo310 pancake GM probe, and two DT106/PDR27G probes.  Please note that this is just a comparison of gamma sensitivity, even though the pancakes may not be designed specifically for linear response to gammas because they are most useful for work with alpha sources.

David Prutchi's CDV700 LENI Geiger Muller Counter with diy Timer/Scaler. www.diyPhysics.com

I tested the DT106probes in two different configurations: 1. Perpendicular to the radiation beam, with the beta shield closed, and 2. with the beta shield open, pointing at the radiation source.

DT106/PDR27G Geiger Muller Probe with beta shield closed. David Prutchi, Ph.D.  www.diyPhysics.com

DT106/PDR27G Geiger Muller Probe with beta shield open. David Prutchi, Ph.D.  www.diyPhysics.com

Since GM tubes are sensitive to UV light, I conducted my tests in a darkened room, taking the extra precaution of covering the tubes with a piece of Thorlabs BK5 rubberized blackout fabric.

Russian made surplus MC6 Geiger Muller Tube being tested.  David Prutchi Ph.D. www.diyPhysics.com

Testing the Geiger Muller Tubes on a darkened environment using BK5 blackuout fabric. David Prutchi Ph.D. www.diyPhysics.com

The following table shows the results that I obtained by averaging three one-minute counts for each test configuration.

Background Co-60 Cs-137
 PM1703M Measurement 5 uR/h 7 uR/h 20 uR/h
DT106 #1 closed β 73 96 152
DT106 #1 open β 60 82 203
DT106 #2 closed β 46 58 127
DT106 #2 open β 38 54 136
Geo 210 (LND7311) 28 58 208
MC6 #1 103 166 297
MC6 #2 111 145 278
Geo 310 86 142 1873

Indeed, the russian-made MC-6 tubes are quite sensitive to gamma and show good energy compensation (unlike the russian pancake in the Geo310 which is incredibly sensitive at the energy of Cs-137 photons, something to be expected from a tube that is designed mostly for work with alphas).

Russian MC6 Geiger Tube sensitivity compared to other GM tubes. David Prutchi, PhD, www.diyPrutchi.com

Sensitivity of surplus russian made MC6 Geiger Muller tubes compared to other GM tubes.  David Prutchi, PhD, www.diyPhysics.com


Please visit www.diyPhysics.com and www.prutchi.com for other cutting-edge d.i.y. projects, and remember to check out our new d.i.y. Quantum Physics book:

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4 Responses

  1. Paco

    Great test.

    Do you have the technical data for the mc-6 tube. I’ll appreciate it so much if you can send it to me.


  2. Sabrina

    A spec. sheet is available in Russian here: http://www.gstube.com/data/4529/

  3. SN

    “Geo310” on your picture looks like it contains a СИ-8Б detector, which is designed primarily for soft beta radiation.